Hola Amigos!

Published on 01/15/13
Hola Amigos

5-1-17 “I’m going to miss all my friends in Pennsylvania but I really can’t wait to get to Texas!” ~Cynthia 10yrs

3-17-17 “I got braces. Not the funnest thing to do but hope it straightens out my teeth.” ~Michelle 13yrs

1-17-17 “I caught up with my sister! I grew 4 inches in 4 months!” ~David 12yrs

11-2-16 “So excited that my dad is teaching me to play the guitar!” ~Sophia 15yrs

9-15-16 “I’m double digits now! Just want to grow a little taller!” ~Cynthia 10yrs (her growth was stunted by cancer/chemotherapy)

7-21-16 “I broke my leg (tibia) in June playing soccer. I am so bummed that I can’t do much all summer (2 months of no weight allowed on that leg) and won’t be well in time for soccer season!” =( ~Michelle 13 yrs

5-25-16 “It was super awesome to have meetings in Florida cuz it meant we could have some fun family time down there too!” ~David 11yrs

3-21-16 “I really like soccer but I found out that I love basketball and really have fun playing it in school every day!” ~Cynthia 9yrs

1-7-16 “It was really fun and a blessing to be able to play a flute duet and harmonize with my mom the very first time!” ~Michelle 12yrs

11-25-15 “My ‘Fiesta de Quince’ was the best birthday party I have ever had! My friends and family made it even better too!” =) ~Sophia

9-1-15 ”’School’ is not my favorite subject of the day but the best part is that I get to start in band this year and I hope to learn to play the saxophone!” ~David 11yrs

7-15-15 “Can’t wait to see the Hawks in Texas and my cousins in Iowa!” ~Sophia 14yrs

5-31-15 “I had a blast on the ziplines and aerial rope courses while celebrating my 10 months cancer free!” ~Cynthia 8yrs

3-25-15 “I really liked our trip to Chicago for a Missions Conference! I met some other missionary kids that were my age. And the people we stayed with were really nice too.” ~David 10 yrs

1-15-15 “Going to a Christian school for the first time in my life has been really nice; although I miss band. I have made a lot of friends there.” ~Michelle 11yrs

11-1-14 “Meeting my little 6 month old cousin, Lia, was the best thing that happened to me last month! She is sooo cute and adorable…I wish she didn’t live so far away!” ~Sophia, 13yrs

9-9-14 David was bawling his eyes out one night because all his friends were not headed to HEAVEN. How many times do we cry about those who are headed to HELL? ~9yrs

7-27-14 Cynthia asked permission from her parents to take her BIBLE to her public school for show and tell; of course they said YES! Also, Cynthia says, “I AM CANCER FREE!” ~7yrs

5-7-14 “I’m so HAPPY my best friend in the public school, Jayden, got saved and goes to AWANA with me each week now!” ~Michelle, 11yrs

3-14-14 “I got in trouble at school for using the word ‘Hell’ when I was witnessing to my friend. Dad & mom say it’s OK to get in trouble for that!” ~David, 9yrs

11-27-13 “A Thanksgiving Day Poem” The air is cold and clear, the leaves crunch underfoot as I walk to the door. The door is opened to the wonderful scent of turkey and mashed potatoes. ~Michelle, 10yrs

9-9-13 Sophia said she was trying to get used to the combination on her locker and trying to find the right classrooms…Cynthia jumped in and said, “You’ll get used to it Sophia, you have 180 days”.

7-7-13 “Leaving my home and friends in Polk City was so sad. But I will get to make new friends.” ~Sophia, 12yrs

3-3-13 Cynthia only had one ER visit along with her regular monthly Clinic visits. She has had much strength the last couple months! ~6yrs